We believe that God didn't just call us to Himself, but also to each other. All throughout the scripture we see great moves of God, and within these great movements we see gatherings of like minded people from all walks of life entering into deep, authentic, Christ centered community. We are #BETTERTØGETHER.


We ARE better when we are together with christ.

 We believe in the the God of the Bible, who sent his son, Jesus, to redeem a lost and broken world. He accomplished this by living a perfect life, dying a sacrificial death, and achieving victory over death through his resurrection from the dead, which made a way for us to be in community with God by faith. We believe that God is building his kingdom through the local church, with Jesus at the head, the Holy Spirit as our guide and the Great Commission as our focus.

We are better when we are together with each other.

As a ministry, we are passionate about creating an environment where you can build relationships that will propel you towards Christ, and flourish in all areas of your life. We build these relationships through what we call YA House Parties. This is a great time for you to come meet people in your area, grow personally, and build a healthy community.




We are so blessed to be a part of New Life Church, and have Senior Pastors that believe in our generation. YA is a very active ministry of a very active and healthy church. We encourage all young adults to find their place in the local church to connect, grow, and serve. Click here to learn more about New Life Church.