Frøm Death tø Life: Emily Burns

I really struggled for a long time, thinking that I didn't have a testimony because I never was hardcore addicted to drugs or didn't have a really sad story, and because of that, I didn't have something powerful to bring to the table when it came to my faith. I graduated Harding (University) three years ago and ended up in Little Rock.

I was just lost.

I was broken.

I was just out of a bad relationship.

I wouldn't say that I didn't have any friends, because I never felt friendless. I have always had people around me, but I didn't know what it meant to be a real friend. I felt like I couldn't relate (to them) because I didn't have people in the same walk of life as me.

I had a friend pass away unexpectedly, and it was that moment where I said, "Okay. I'm 25, and what is my story going to be?" In January, I decided enough is enough. I called some of my Arkansas family and said I needed to get involved with YA, and I walked into the Moore's house party on January 31st.

Honestly, as dramatic as it sounds, that was the most life-changing day of my life. It was family, and I had people from the second I walked in accept me not knowing me. I don't think I understood how important that is that you walk in and people say, "I'm gonna love you where you're at, I don't need to know your story, and I don't need to know where you've been. I love you for who you are."

To me, it's so cool that I can wake up to a text message that someone is praying for me that doesn't know what I'm struggling with, or someone is calling something out in me that I don't see and that I have never seen. I never thought I could be a leader. I never thought I had that quality in me. For me to come in January and someone to look at me and say, "I see the best in you. I see your potential," and to know that was 8 or 9 months ago? Now I'm here, I'm involved, and my passion is within this ministry now.

I mean, as simple as it is to be broken and to be dead in a sense, and now the joy that is within's something that I can't hide, and I can't explain. I just want to go up to people and say, "I have this thing and I want you to have it." I want to find all of the people that felt like me and I want to show them that (when it comes to) being dead, there is something so much greater.

My name is Emily Burns and this is my #frømdeathtølife story.

Scott Fagaly